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When you own a business, it is important to select appropriate commercial policies to keep your company, employees and customers as safe as possible. By comparing your options with an independent agency like Nevada Insurance, you can find the protection that you need for the goals and future of your company.

BOP Protection

A business owner's package is a type of policy that protects against the most common problems that companies may face. It offers general protection against liability concerns or for company property. Generally, the plan is appropriate when a company has limited concerns or when it is hard to determine the exact coverage needs of the business. Since it offers basic protection for many concerns, it may be appropriate when a company is getting started.

There are several commercial plans that help keep your business safe, but the type of policy that is most appropriate for your needs as a business owner will vary. To learn more about protecting your company from common threats, contact us to speak to an agent today.

Business Auto Coverage

Any business that owns company vehicles must obtain insurance for every vehicle. Generally, a fleet of vehicles must be covered for liability risks and business owners will need to provide the driver's license information of every employee who may operate the vehicles.

Landlord Insurance

Any property owner with rental properties needs to have landlord’s insurance to protect themselves against financial losses connected to these properties. There are several types of policies that cover standard perils with the option of additional coverage for risks such as accidental damage, malicious damage by a tenant, contents insurance, or liability insurance.

CGL Policies

A commercial general liability policy is designed to protect against common concerns that may arise. It provides coverage in case an accident occurs on company property or injuries are caused by company products or services. Furthermore, it can provide some protection in case the actions of employees cause an injury to another party.

Insuring a Property

Although a rented space may not need the comprehensive protection that is required when you own a property, every business should obtain some coverage for company property. The amount of coverage that is required will depend on the assets that the business owns; however, any building should be protected against common threats like fires, storms or interruption in case it is not possible to provide services due to repairs.

Nevada Workers Compensation Plans

Worker's compensation is required if you have any employees, but the state of Nevada will also allow employers to self-insure in certain situations. Generally, a policy that is designed to protect employees from accidents that take place at work is appropriate; however, there may be exceptions based on the current situation.