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We offer a number of types of insurance to protect your valuables, assets and investments. We are pleased to offer the following insurance policies:


Whether you've got a row boat or a yacht, having insurance that protects your investment on and off the water is essential to dealing with the high costs of repairs or on-water towing.


This guarantees repayment of the principal and interest payments associated to the bondholders in the event the bond issuer defaults.

Collector Cars

Sitting in the garage, in a parade or on display at a show, your collector car needs to be insured at all times to protect its value and all of the work that you've put into repairing and maintaining it.


In the event disability renders you unable to work, an insurance policy will provide an income to support yourself.


A whole or term life insurance policy provides financial support for your dependents after you pass away.

Long Term Care

A must-have for people as they age, since a most people will spend some amount of time in a nursing home or with home care. Long term care insurance helps offset the costs of quality care.

Mobile Homes

Much like homeowners insurance, policies for mobile homes are customized to protect your investment in the event of a break in or weather-related damage.


Protect your bike both on and off the road with policies that are based on how frequently you're out on the road.


Your landlord's policy probably doesn't cover your belongings. Having renters insurance ensures that in the event of fire or theft, you'll be compensated for your loss.


The frequency of use, and average annual mileage, will determine the rates you pay for insurance on your recreational vehicle.

Umbrella Policies

Not just for the wealthy, these policies protect your assets in the event that your regular insurance policy cannot cover the expenses incurred by a claim. Think of it as protection "over and above" that of your other insurance policies.

Vacation Homes

Even when you're not there, bad things can happen. Insurance protects your vacation home all year round, whether it's occupied, rented out or vacant.

To discuss any of these insurance policies, contact our team at Nevada Insurance today! We're always on hand to help you understand your insurance options and assist you in finding the best policy for your budget.